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Catalyst by Scarlett Sabet (Signed Edition) JPRLPBX4


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Limited Edition

Signed by JP

Catalyst, a spoken word album written and performed by Scarlett Sabet and produced by Jimmy Page, is released on a special 12-inch etched vinyl via

The recorded collection of eight poems also includes a 24-page full-colour booklet featuring liner notes written by Scarlett Sabet and Jimmy Page plus photography by Scarlet Page.

The recordings and mixes were made at Tower House, London, the week of 13th May 2019, using analogue and digital techniques.

"I knew Scarlett's poems were exceptionally vibrant in print and I had witnessed the power of her public readings. I thought it would be exciting to do a project together to emphasise the power of the spoken word in the context of poetry and present her work in a radical form"
– Jimmy Page

Signed Edition
- Signed by Jimmy Page and Scarlett Sabet
- Limited to 156 numbered copies
- Spoken word album featuring 8 poems written and performed by Scarlett Sabet
- Produced by Jimmy Page and recorded at Tower House, London
- Includes a 24-page booklet and an etched vinyl portrait of Scarlett Sabet

Standard edition available here

1. Rocking Underground
2. Cut Up
3. Euphoric Kiss
4. The Fifth Circle Of Hell
5. Possession
6. And My Lungs Fill with Ecstatic Song
7. For Jack
8. Cut Up (multiple return)